SOFORT:1 AUSHILFE/MINIJOBBER GESUCHT (Minijob/Nebenjob/Freelancer/Werkstudent) (ab 18 Jahre)

Ab Herbst( Sept- Saison Start) suchen wir nach 2 weiteren Minijobber damit wir alle Schichten abdecken können. 


This Job is Most Fitting to students who are studying or busy during the day and mostly want to pick up hours in the afternoons/evenings/ and weekends. Studying is allowed hier while on the job and you can take off time when you have exams coming up! 

-flexibel Arbeitszeiten/ choose your own hours and shifts OR have set hours

- Minijobber Basis/ Arbeit auf Abruf/ 17+

- you must be available a few evenings AND Weekends every month. Must be available for a few Sat/Sunday shifts per month. If you can only work daytime Mon-Friday please do not contact us. 

- Deutsch/English- Deutsch B2 - Must be fluent in German enough to speak to customers and answer the phone. Basic English is fine. 

- you LOVE working with people and helping people. You must like kids

- Health and Wellness is important to you and you value natural treatments

- you are independent and confident and have strong communication skills/ good at customer service

- du genießt es allein zu arbeiten und hast kein Problem mit Verantwortung oder stressige Situationen die ab und zu hier vorkommen =) 

We will train you to run the sessions which includes learning all the technical parts. Training is paid and usually takes 1-2 Months before you have learned everything. Because of this we are looking for workers who want to stay longer with us.